It Runs In The Family

Science is always trying to figure out what traits are passed down through DNA. I do think Creativity and an artistic eye is one of those traits. Creativity and an artistic eye is one of those personal traits you either have or do not have. If one can learn to be creative and artistic, then every person who ever took art class in school would be a great artist. That is not the case.

Why do I write this? Well, I was thinking about how I got my “knack” for creating hats and refurbishing hats without patterns or instructions. Why do I love it so much? This is a gift that seems to have simply been instilled in me. I look at my family and wonder who else is creative?

My paternal grandfather was an artist in his own way. He made shoes. He could trace your foot and make custom shoes just for you. He was good at his trade. My grandfather did not go to school to learn, nor did he have a father who was a shoemaker. It just came to him.

I have a paternal uncle who has been into art his entire life, as far as I can remember. He is very talented when it comes to charcoal drawings. He has a knack of catching the detail of the subjects in his works. Looking at one of his drawings and you would think you were looking at a photograph. He does many art shows/fairs. This week he is in Tampa Florida at the Suncoast Art Fair. Go and check him out. You will not be sorry. Here is a link to his facebook page:

My father has always been creative with food. He can make food speak to you as art and as something tempting for your palette. He has created buffets for private gatherings that would make the local caterer green with envy. My father was never a cook, nor a caterer. He simply fell into the joy of cooking. It came to him.

So, as I look at my creativity, I think that yes, artistic eye and creativity is something that is in the genetic code of a person. That ability is passed from generations and if you have it deep within your soul, it can be nurtured and fostered into a talent. You simply need to find your niche. It may not be knitting, clay, paint or charcoal.  It could be food, gardening, or auto restoration. If you have the drive, deep seated artistic eye and love for it, it will come.

Next time you look at your family, look to see what inherent traits seem to be passed from generation to generation. You may just be surprised to find a new interest in you that needs an outlet.


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