Living for the Past

I love art, archeology and making things. I love to let my creativity flow and get the utmost satisfaction from making something with my own two hands. How does this relate to Sophies Hats and More, well, my love for crocheting, hats and art blossomed into this shop.
It began with just crochet hats, but with my love for vintage, art deco and art nouveau, Sophies has evolved into vintage inspired hair accessories and refurbished vintage hats. Why art deco and art nouveau, I have no idea, except maybe I was a flapper in a past life.
I also have brought my love for archaeology into my shop. I love the past, not learning history facts and dates, but looking at the objects of past civilizations and cultures. It is fascinating to see how daily items evolved through the ages. I have taken my love of the past and began collecting buttons. I enjoy looking at how buttons have changed through the centuries. The idea of holding a button that was used over 100 years ago is simply inspiring.
Therefore, that love for the past inspires my creations. I try to bring the elegance and style of the past and create it into practical use for today. Why wear something ordinary when you can wear something artistic, beautiful and unique?
I have also opened another Etsy shop with artist, Dora Smyka, called Sora Creations. This shop brings the beauty of beads and buttons into creations for daily use. In addition, I sell my surplus vintage buttons.
My goal is to keep the past alive. Let our younger generations enjoy some essence of the past even if it is in a hat, hair accessory, jewelry or buttons.

Visit Sophies Hats & More at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SophiesHatsandMore


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